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Tractor-trailer heading down highway on a rainy day. He responded to a CarrierHQ email for a free quick quote and liked the rates so much he signed up for an auto liability and cargo policy. After driving safely, McGirt’s monthly rate went down.   “I’m saving money and increasing my profit sooner than I thought,” said McGirt. “CarrierHQ’s Small Fleet Advantage rates were good, their pay-as-you-go helps my cash flow and I really like their new concept of giving me control of rates within the initial year. Once I got my Geotab device hooked up, everything has been smooth sailing. I love the driving stats and reports I get every week.” Cynthia Kuykendall, owner of Tennessee-based Safe Haul Logistics, said she’s achieved a 30% rate reduction in her monthly policy premium. Through the program’s safety reports and the alerts sent to her mobile phone, she can tailor driver safety training to target the issues her drivers face. The ELD data provided through the mobile dashboard helps her with route and load planning too — so she can be in two places at once.  Pair insurance with factoring to open up cash flow  Factoring through CarrierHQ also operates month-to-month, and if small fleets factor, they’re offered a no-money-down option for their insurance, and weekly insurance payments are handled through weekly factoring activity. While fleets are not required to factor through CarrierHQ, this unique service bundle opens up additional cash flow benefits like no long-term contract or monthly minimums. CarrierHQ studied the factoring market and built in the best features of competitive non-recourse rates, zero application fees, free credit checking of shippers, same-day funding as low as $1 and free next-day ACH.


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Lee appoints new commerce, insurance commissioner Lee appoints new commerce, insurance commissioner NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Lee on Thursday appointed a new head of the state's Department of Insurance and Commerce. Lee appointed Carter Lawrence to the open position. Lawrence currently serves as the agency's chief deputy commissioner and chief operating officer. The former director, Hodgen Mainda, announced his resignation last month. Mainda had faced an investigation over allegations of sexual misconduct by one of his department’s employees, but did not disclose that investigation in his resignation letter. “Carter is a proven public servant who has stewarded key priorities for the administration throughout his tenure and I’m confident he’ll continue to support Tennessee businesses and consumers with integrity,” Lee said in a statement. Lawrence has also served on Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.